Site Update: Where are the Week 3 Power Rankings?

So, we promised that power rankings would become a weekly segment, and then they disappeared after a single week. We’re sorry.

We actually wrote the Week 3 Power Rankings last Monday, but it wasn’t finished until late, so scheduled them to go live on Tuesday at around Lunch Time (UK Time). For whatever reason, our server doesn’t seem to like scheduled posts, and so it didn’t go live. We have had this problem before, and installed a plugin which seemed to fix it. However it seems not to be working properly any more—perhaps due to changes in WordPress 4.0, although the plugin claims to be compatible.

We’ve tried to pin down exactly what the problem is, but honestly, we’re not sure.

By the time we discovered this, it was already Thursday, so we waited to update it Friday morning after the Thursday Night game, (as we had Week 2). Unfortunately, when we came to edit the article, it had rolled back to a much earlier version—only about the first 20 teams were included, and it had not been copy edited.

We didn’t have time to re-write the rest of the article, or dig through our backups to see if we could recover the complete version. So now we are faced with a problem. Re-write the rest of the article, even though it’s already out of date, post the rankings as-is, with just a list of teams from 20-32, start again for Week 4, skipping week 3, or abandon Power Rankings—they are a lot of work if you don’t find them interesting.

Let us know what you would like us to do.

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