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We are currently working with Jenny Loop jerseys to determine the quality of their 2016 jerseys.


When it comes to Chinese Replica NFL Jerseys, one name has become synonymous with them—Jenny Loop. is the newest official home of Jenny Loop Jerseys, and when you visit, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

Site Layout

Compared to many Chinese wholesales, Jenny Loop’s website is actually very well laid out and intuitive.

Jenny Loop Jerseys Site Review - homepage

The Jenny Loop Jerseys site is laid out well , and intuitively.

There are no intrusive pop up’s, no flashing animated GIFs or MIDI files playing. The site is clean, and easy to navigate. Jerseys and other accessories are broken up by sport, type and team, making drilling down to the exact item you want straightforward and quick. It features a strong search engine, allowing you to quickly find exactly what you are looking for, and the English is good throughout, meaning you do not need to contend with the spelling and grammar errors which plague other sites.

The product pictures are typically good enough quality to make an informed decision on, and generally represent the actual products sold.

Product Selection

Jenny Loop’s product selection is as wide as you would expect.

They offers a wide range of styles, colours and player options for all NFL teams and many others beside. In addition to the usual home, road and alternate jerseys, which they have covered very well, Jenny Loop also offers a range of additional styles including all pink ladies jerseys, camouflage Jerseys, two tone, and signature designs (featuring screen printed player signatures) to name just a few.

The site also features a wide range of special edition jerseys, including ones with Super Bowl patches, replica Mitchell and Ness throwback jerseys and others.

Jenny Loop produce replicas of all three tiers of Nike Jerseys, including Game, Limited and Elite, and also produce replica Reebok jerseys. However, as the price is the same no matter which tier you choose, it is usually best only to consider the elite jerseys, unless you particularly want an older player only available in the Reebok design.

Of particular interest to some will be the size 60 jerseys (XXXXL). Although not available in every design, I was particularly impressed with the range available in this very large size.

Price and Payment

Jenny Loop jerseys are priced at $21.99 each for stock designs, which works out at £13.94 at current exchange rates, and $49.99 for custom jerseys, which works out at £31.64.

The prices are very competitive, especially on the stock jerseys, however an £18.99 shipping cost per delivery, and discounts for bulk orders means that you will probably want to order multiple items at the same time to reduce the overall landed cost. The shipping cost means you will probably end up paying import VAT (20%) on arrival in the UK, so keep this in mind, but as long as your entire delivery is less than £135 including shipping, you will not pay customs duty.

Payment is made by Visa, MasterCard and American Express using a selection of secure payment processors. Payment can also be made by Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer. They do not accept Paypal, Amazon or Google Checkout, but are well established, and there have been no reports of credit card fraud by Jenny Loop, and very many independent testimonials of goods delivered after payment. Although MoneyGram, WU and Bank transfers are regularly abused by scammers, and provide less backup in case of fraud, in the case of Jenny Loop, I would have no issues recommending these options, even over and above Credit Card, as this way, you hand over less personal information to the website.

 Customer Services

This is where Jenny Loop Jerseys really separate themselves from some of their competitors.

They answer emails quickly, and use good English when doing so. They have live chat on the website for help and support, and also operate a YouTube channel, where they are active in the comments.

Jenny Loop are helpful and courteous, and have made many tweaks to their products over time in response to customer comments.

Other Considerations

The only other thing to mention is that unfortunately Jenny Loop can be a little slow to update players on less popular teams.

On the Arizona Cardinals, for example, Jenny Loop still have Kevin Kolb and Beanie Wells jerseys available a full year after they were sent packing, and do not have Carson Palmer, Rashard Mendenhall or Andre Ellington (their replacements for 2013) listed. A quick email will usually solve this, and they can quickly find most things for you, but nonetheless, this is something to consider.

Additionally, although most jerseys have been updated to match the current designs, and fix issues with the earlier copies they made, for less popular players, they may nonetheless still be selling older stock which have not corrected these issues. Again, if you are buying jerseys for a team which have in the past had known issues (eg, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins) always double check that the jersey you have requested has been updated.

Conclusion – Jenny Loop Jerseys Site Review

The Jenny Loop Jerseys website is full featured, easy to use, and with a wide range of products available—some of which you will not find anywhere else.

The products are affordable, with a good variety of payment options.

Although perhaps not quite at the cutting edge of online shopping technology, the site is more than functional, and clearly made to appeal to western, not Chinese tastes, which is nice to discover.

Jenny Loop provide quick responses to questions, and have good command of the English language.

On this basis we recommend their website as safe and easy to use.

The following review is classified as Connection 1-HB according to our Disclosure of Material Connections. We have received review products free of charge, for the purposes of review. For more information about what this means, please Click Here.
13 comments on “Site Reviews—Jenny Loop Jerseys Site Review
  1. when you placed your order, did you receive any kind of confirmation that the order had been placed and/or the order had been shipped? ive just ordered 2 jerseys and am very dubious that i’ll actually receive anything??

    • Hi.

      Our order was actually a review sample, so we never actually used the payment processor.

      We received delivery confirmation via email.

      Please let us know how your order went.


      • Hey Luke,

        I am pleased to say that I did indeed receive both the jerseys that I ordered from Jenny Loop. I was concerned that I had no order confirmation of the jerseys so emailed them and Jenny replied to me stating that they would send me a tracking number once the order had been dispatched. I received that tracking number a few days later and overall from ordering to receiving the jerseys was exactly 1 week. I placed the order Saturday afternoon 24th Jan and they arrived on Saturday morning 31st Jan.

        In review of the site I was impressed with the overall service although I was dubious at the start. The postage on the jerseys was a little steep i think around £30 for postage but that was whether I ordered 1 jersey or 10. The jerseys themselves are very good quality. I ordered 2 Cowboys jerseys, one DeMarco Murray 29 away jersey and a Dez Bryant 88 home jersey. They both fit really nice although the neckline on the away jersey with the flywire is very tight to get over my head. I ordered two size 44’s and both fit like a Mens XL so are a little baggy but worn over another t-shirt or hoodie are fine. Apart from the neckline on the one I haven’t really got any issues with them. They both had a bit of loose stitching both on the outside and inside of the jerseys but that was easily tidied up with a small pair of scissors. I would certainly recommend this site to others if you want a jerses in quick time. Having said that I have ordered another couple of jerseys from the Aimee Smith store on and they are free postage so I’ll wait and see how they turn out when they arrive.

        Many thanks

        Lucas J

        • Great to hear.

          We had a very similar experience with them. They do usually answer questions very quickly, and their postage speed is good, especially compared to several Aliexpress sellers we have used.

          Do let us know what you think about Aimee Smith Store as well.

          • Hi, Im considering using one of these sites however just wanted to check what total cost is once adding shipping costs and vat etc…..Is it a considerable saving?

          • Hi.

            It depends where you order from. Most Aliexpress sellers offer free postage, so the price you see is (usually) the price you pay the supplier. Others have lower price per jersey, but you will pay in the region of £15-25 for postage. Which option makes the most sense depends on how much you are buying. The tipping point is usually around a dozen shirts at a time (less, use Aliexpress with free shipping, more, use someone like Jenny Loop).

            You will usually have to pay import VAT at the local rate (20% in the UK where we are based, check your local import taxes) if the cost of the item was more than £15 and may pay import duty if you are ordering a very large amount of jerseys and other goods (£135). This would be an extra 2.5% on top of VAT.

            If you need to pay VAT and/or duty, and Royal Mail carry out the final delivery (versus, for example, TNT, FedEX, DHL etc.) they charge a £8 handling fee, so always try to get jerseys combined into a single parcel, otherwise you will pay this per delivery. Alternatively, see what they charge for delivery via a third party like FedEX or DHL, as these tend to include these sorts of processing fees in the shipping cost. IF it is less than around £10-15 extra, it may be worth it, as your package will also arrive much quicker, and avoid the processing fee.

            Even still, after paying import VAT (not always neccessary, depending on the exchange rate) shipping and handling fees, it is still usually less than £30 by the time it gets into your hands, a good saving over even the cheapest Nike replicas available in the UK, and a HUGE one compared to the Elite or Limited jerseys (Chinese replicas usually fall somewhere between the two, quality wise). A real elite jersey will usually cost over £350 by the time you get it imported from the USA, so this is really a massive saving.

      • Dear Jenny Loop Jerseys.

        As you know, we contacted you several times to arrange samples before posting a disclaimer on our site. Eventually, you agreed to send samples, and we amended our disclaimer to reflect this. Unfortunately, we have not heard from you since. Please contact me on [email protected] to confirm shipment as soon as possible.

  2. Ah thanks for your help. Gone with ali express store Aimee Smith…had good feedback and reviews looked ok… Only wanted a small order for personal use As got some authentics but wanted some for general wear that wouldnt be so bad if spoiled When worn day to day….my order cost £43 for 3 jerseys so id be looking at vat at 20% as am in uk, handling around £8 and import duty on that?

    Sorry to be a pain…new to it….will defo review for you as well if you like. I know the other guy on here used the same store so be interesting to see what quality across the board from the same store is like.

    • No worries at all. That’s why we’re here.

      I’ve heard good things about Aimee Smith. Let us know when they arrive, and I can place an order to post a full review (or warn people away from them).

      For the £43, whether you pay import VAT or not will depend on how it is shipped. If it is sent as 3 separate items, you’ll probably get away with it, as it works out at £14ish each. If they come together, it’ll depend on how they filled in the customs form. Often, when they arrive, they will have a generic customs declaration… it’ll say something like “Cloth Samples” and a nominal value of $10 or something similar. Unless it gets inspected by Customs officials, you won’t have to pay import VAT (though if it is inspected, you will probably not receive the goods anyway, but most Aliexpress sellers will ship you a replacement for free). That said, you can never count on it, so be prepared to pay royal mail around £16 when it arrives.

      I would also say, we would never suggest anyone asks manufacturers to do this (or mark it as a gift, or otherwise misrepresent the contents/value). Buying fake goods may be legal in the UK, and knowingly importing them may be a grey area, but asking someone to lie on a customs declaration definitely isn’t allowed, as, by the way is reselling them (certainly not accusing anyone here of doing so, just a gentle friendly reminder to anyone else who sees this).

      However, long and short of it… even with a VAT payment, and RM’s heavy processing charge, you shoild still make a huge saving versus the real thing.

  3. Emma,

    Funnily enough just today I received my order through that I placed from the Aimee Smith Store on Aliexpress. It is the first NFL Jersey ive ordered from Aliexpress and similar to yourself I had read good reviews and comments about the Aimee Smith store so went with that. I ordered a Packers Aaron Rodgers 12 jersey and it is excellent. the shirt fits great and there is hardly any loose stitching, less than the two jerseys i received from Jenny Loop. With regards to the order the shirt cost me £16.23 and nothing else. The shipping was free and I didnt have to pay any additions on top (no import tax, VAT etc). From shipping confirmation to receiving the jersey was 15 days. When I ordered 2 jerseys from Jenny Loop I had to pay around £30 in postage. The standard postage with them was £19 something then a few extras on top. However that would be if had i ordered 2 jerseys or 10 the postage wouldve been the same so like Luke said if you are going for multiple jerseys Jenny Loop is the place but otherwise the Aimee Smith store is the answer.

    Overall I tested the water with both merchants and I have been impressed with both. The quality on all 3 jerseys is superb; however I have yet to wash any of them yet so that may be a test. I agree with Luke, if you want a handful of jerseys and if you don’t mind paying the large postage cost then Jenny Loop is the right place but if you dont mind waiting then the Aimee Smith store is the place. If you’ve ordered 3 jerseys from Aliexpress I’m not entirely sure you’ll get them all together because several reviews suggest otherwise but that may be wrong.

    Let us know how you get on with your orders. if they’ve been placed the last few days it may take a bit longer due to Chinese New year next week.

  4. Great to hear you had good quality from both stores. The store via Ali Express I used was Aimee Smith as like you I was in no rush to get the shirts and for the 3 it was cheaper. Ive watched so many reviews on youtube it also worried me as jennyloop is notorious for sending one item less than ordered and then saying she would send the missing item only when you make a next order…I was worried about that…
    I got a seahawks Lynch youth Medium for my partner, Sherman mens elite in Medium and Jags Bortles elite Medium for the game in October at wembley.
    Yeah she mentioned they close down saturday for new year but was going to try get the order out before……fingers crossed Eh……

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