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AliExpress is a relative newcomer to the NFL Jerseys scene. A marketplace, rather than a seller, it acts as a middleman between Chinese wholesalers and Manufacturers and Customers and is quickly becoming one of the best ways to source replica NFL merchandise.

AliExpress, part of the Alibaba Group, allows wholesalers to make low value and low volume sales directly to customers while retaining low wholesale prices. Where typically carries a minimum order quantity of 50 or more units, AliExpress generally allows items to be purchased singly.

Site Layout

The Alibaba group is a multi-billion dollar company, which facilitates trillions of dollars of trade each year, and at first glance, this shows. The AliExpress homepage and menus are well laid out, and the cart and checkout process quick and secure.

It sells just about anything you can imagine which carries the ubiquitous “made in china” tag. NFL Jerseys are a tiny part of what is available on this site, however, and this can make finding what you are looking for a little tough.

However, although the AliExpress corporate veneer of the homepage reminds you of Amazon other major online retailers, this is, in reality, only skin deep. As a marketplace, the individual sellers, not AliExpress dictate how well things actually work, with varying degrees of success.

AliExpress gives wholesalers just enough customization options for their homepage and product page that the site is inconsistent from one seller and product to the next. Some are correctly and logically labeled and filed, with high-quality images, good quality English descriptions, and individual product information, while others are poorly labeled, with few or no real images, and standard copy-and-paste descriptions that offer little real information about the product.

Product Selection

As a marketplace, the AliExpress offers as wide a range of NFL merchandise as is available anywhere. However, this comes with a catch… finding it.

As a major, international player, Alibaba is very protective of third party trademarks and doesn’t allow wholesalers to infringe on them. The upshot of this is that searching by team name, of using the word “NFL” in most searches is going to leave you stumped.

Searching “Football Jersey” is not going to give you a much better result, presenting primarily Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga and International jerseys, rather than American Football ones.

Searching by City or State (Eg, “Baltimore Jersey” or “Minnesota Jersey”) helps, but will still leave you digging through jerseys from other sports teams (MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NCAA College) located in those areas.

By far the best way to find them is searching by player name, but even this is somewhat problematic for common names like “Johnson”.

To make a long story short—although the product selection is second to none, expect to spend a lot of time wading through things which don’t really match your needs to find exactly what you want.

Additionally, as all items are sold by different marketplace sellers, remember that what works to find jerseys with one seller will not necessarily work with others—if you want the best deal, be prepared to try three or four different ways of searching to find all matching products.

Price and Payment

The price is generally very good. Typically, you would expect to pay around $20-30,  or around £13-18 for a good quality “Elite” jersey, depending on the seller, and many sellers offer free delivery, which means it is possible to find jerseys which will come in below the £15 Import VAT rate. This represents exceptional value.

Custom jerseys typically cost $50-60, depending on the seller, which works out at around £31-37, and again, often with free shipping, though this varies from seller to seller.

Payment is not made directly to the seller but is handled through Alibaba’s secure payment server. Alibaba handles trillions of dollars of transactions annually and is known to be very secure. As the merchants website doesn’t see your card details, you are less likely to be the victim of fraud than with other sites.

Some sellers will also advertise alternate payment methods are accepted, but we strongly recommend using Alibaba to handle your card payments.

Customer Services

Much like eBay or Amazon Marketplace, AliExpress generally expects customer service issues to be handled directly between sellers and buyers, but also offers an escalation and arbitration service if things fall apart. They also offer certain guarantees, like delivery, quality and delivery time which sellers must meet, and offer automatic refunds if they fall short.

In general, because AliExpress offers a review and 5-star rating services, like Amazon or eBay, sellers take customer service very seriously and are very helpful. However, the speed with which they do this, the quality of their English and the resolutions they offer can vary considerably from seller to seller. However, the 5-star ratings and review service also offers you a great way to ensure that you are only buying from reliable sellers.

Other Considerations

AliExpress is a marketplace. It is, therefore, impossible to make absolute statements about it. Some sellers are much better than others, and the quality of the products and services you receive will vary from seller to seller.

Although AliExpress do insist that sellers meet certain standards for shipping times, product quality, and other metrics, they are a Chinese company themselves, and, therefore, certain rights that British customers take for granted may still not apply.

You should also keep in mind that AliExpress prevents wholesalers from displaying copyrighted design elements like the Nike Swoosh, NFL Shield or team logos. As a result, you will usually only see jerseys from the back, with these things blurred our, or even missing. This can make making an informed decision tough, but suppliers are usually happy to provide more photographs by email on request.

Once you have found a seller you trust and have checked their ratings, is possible to browse individual sellers stores, and this can be a much easier way to find what you are looking for.


AliExpress is a great marketplace, with a wide range of merchandise, including jerseys and many other things besides. Finding what you are looking for can be tough, but once you do, the prices, including free shipping, range, and additional protections a service like AliExpress make it a great place to shop.

On this basis, we recommend their website as a safe and secure portal to connect you to wholesalers.

However, it is impossible to recommend everything available on the site, as the quality, shipping time and service levels will undoubtedly vary greatly from one seller to the next. Therefore, we recommend that you view our individual seller reviews for more details.


Individual Seller Reviews

AliExpress Seller Live4SportsStore — Arizona Cardinals Jersey Reviews.

Unhelpful Sellers: Proceed with Caution

The following are sellers that either ourselves or our readers have had issues with. Primarily, these are customer service issues. While their products may be good quality, their customer service means we cannot recommend them.

Anmi Smith Sport Jerseys Store — This store is a clone of the popular Aimee Smith store. Initially agreed to supply jerseys, and asked for a list, but then backed out when they realised they were being asked to provide review samples. Relatively poor grasp of English, and obviously do not stand by the quality of their products. Avoid

A HAo Hao Store Jerseys — This store was quite well laid out and easy to navigate. The customer service was initially very good, and they offered to supply sample products. However when they realised the samples were for an online review, and we could not guarantee positive reviews, they broke off communication and never shipped. Again, they obviously do not stand by the quality of their products, so should be avoided.

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