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We are currently working with Jenny Loop jerseys to determine the quality of their 2016 jerseys.

This is our Jenny Loop Jerseys Product Review. To see our Jenny Loop Jerseys Site Review, Please Click Here.

Jenny Loop Jerseys is probably the most famous seller of replica wholesale NFL Jerseys anywhere. They are well-known for the quality of the products they sell, the speed with which they ship, and the customer service they provide. We have already reviewed the website here.

Today, it’s time for our Jenny Loop Jerseys Review.

Shipping and Delivery

Jenny Loop Jerseys use multiple shipping methods. Our order was delivered by DHL.

DHL is very quick once they have the package—from the time it was processed at Hong Kong airport to the time it was delivered was a little less than 48 hours. Paying the Customs charge was simple, and straightforward, and unlike Royal Mail, DHL do not charge £8 processing for this.

However, Jenny Loop Jerseys are not located in Hong Kong. Although DHL operates throughout China, prices are much cheaper in Hong Kong. Many wholesalers, including Jenny Loop Jerseys use agents, who transport the goods by road to Hong Kong and ship them directly at the airport, rather than arranging DHL collections from their warehouses. The quality of these agents, and the speed at which they operate varies wildly. Generally, this can add around another 48 hours to the process, sometimes less, but occasionally much more.

In our case, it was around two days from the products being marked as shipped, and receiving a “Waybill” tracking number, until the items were actually booked in at the airport. At just over four days, this is still quicker than China Post/Royal Mail, but not much quicker than EMS. Therefore it is hard to recommend paying too much more for this service, though the lower customs processing fee is a reason to pay a little more.

Product Overview

Our review products are two NFL Jerseys, an Elite Home, Black and Orange Cincinnati Bengals A.J. Green Jersey, and an Elite Away, White Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles “Signature” Jersey

Jamaal Charles Signature Jersey, and A.J Green Home Jersey. From Jenny Loop Jerseys

Jamaal Charles Signature Jersey, and A.J Green Home Jersey.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Both jerseys look great at first glance, and have a good feel. They have all of the features you would expect from NFL Elite jerseys, including the FlyWire collars, ventilated mesh and stitched tackle twill numbers. The white jersey also features a screen printed signature on the back numbers, which is a nice added feature.

All of the decals and features are fairly well proportioned, and well positioned, and match the look of the official jerseys quite nicely.


The material used in these jerseys is generally good quality, but fails to match the feel of the official jerseys perfectly in some areas.

The main jersey material is nice, and has the look and feel of a high quality fabric. However the fabric used for the ventilated mesh areas is not quite as good as that used by some others, including Nike. It is quite a loose weave, and although it has a very good stretch to it—perhaps even more than the official jerseys—this part does not have the premium feel associated with the official jerseys. It is a little rough feeling, and the holes are noticeably larger than those which feature on the official jerseys.

Looser weave mesh. From Jenny Loop Jerseys

The mesh used is a much looser weave than in official jerseys, with much larger holes.Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The mesh is still a much higher quality than that which was used by Reebok, even in officially licensed products, it should be added though, and the difference is so slight that few fans will notice unless under very close inspection.

Unlike the official Elite jersey, neither of these products were waterproof. This is a fairly small complaint, given the price, but many Chinese wholesalers are beginning to incorporate this into their designs, and it is a shame that Jenny Loop Jerseys have not yet been able to do so.

The tackle twill numbers on both jerseys is of fine quality. It lays very flat, with no bubbling at all, and the numbers are not shiny.

The Bengals jersey colours were slightly off from the official jerseys—the fabric used for the sleeves and neck was a little too bright, and did not match the orange used in the Tackle Twill numbers perfectly. Incidentally, the orange used on the numbers was near perfect.

Imperfect colours were present. Jenny Loop Jersey Review

The orange of the sleeves was subtly, but noticeably brighter than that of the numbers—which was closer to the official colour scheme.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Stitching and Printing

Jenny Loop Jerseys really excel in this area. The stitching is very nice throughout the jerseys, and is finished very well.

The numbers and letters are very well stitched on, and feature excellent detailing throughout. Loose stitches appeared to have been trimmed in all places that were visible. One or two connecting stitches needed to be trimmed on the name plates, which was a little disappointing, given the overall excellent quality of the manufacturing, but this was easily fixed with nail scissors. Inside, there were several connected stitches which you may want to remove if it really bothers you, but these were still few, and far between compared to many similar jerseys.

Great quality Stitching. Jenny Loop Jerseys review

The stitching was of very high quality throughout—some of the best seen on replica jerseys.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The construction was really excellent, with all panels sewn together well, and lined up very well, using high quality thread. In one or two places, the choice of thread colour was imperfect (e.g. using orange thread around the collar on the Bengals jersey instead of black) but would only be noticeable if you were comparing closely to an official jersey, seeking to find fault.

The screen printing on both the jerseys themselves—the Bengals jersey features screen printed “Tiger Stripes” on the sleeves—and the signature on the number was high quality, although a touch stiffer than I would have expected. The screen printed elements are very unlikely to peel or fade if you follow the care instructions.

Printing was good. Jenny Loop Jerseys Review.

The printing was good on both jerseys, both the sleeve details and signature were sharp.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The colours were vivid and very consistent—matching the colours of the fabric perfectly. Again, this resulted in oranges which were slightly too bright, but really nothing to worry about at all.

The positioning of the screen printing on one of the sleeves was slightly imperfect, with the corner of one of the stripes disappearing into the seam, but again, not by so much that it is immediately obvious.


The features of these jerseys matched the official NFL jerseys quite well.

Immediately, I noticed that the Kansas City Chiefs jersey included a FlyWire collar, which the Kansas City Chiefs do not use. Initially, I believed this to be an error, however, a careful examination of the picture and descriptions featured on the Nike and NFL stores indicates that Elite Kansas City Chiefs jerseys do, indeed feature FlyWire Collars, and appear to depart from those used by the team in this regard.

FlyWire Collar and NFL Shield. Jenny Loop Jerseys Review

Both jerseys included the signature FlyWire collar, including the Kansas City Chiefs, who’s on-field player jerseys do not feature them.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

I am unsure if this is an error with the image and description used on the official site (The Kansas City Chiefs official Limited jersey we are comparing this to does not feature the FlyWire collar) or simply that they have chosen not to match the on-field attire in this regard, but the Jenny Loop Jersey does match the image and description displayed on the official shop.

The FlyWire collar material is of very good quality, by far the closest to the real thing we have seen in any jersey so far.

The NFL Shield is a good copy of the real thing, made of a rubberised material, and is fairly well stitched on, though not as perfect as some would like.

The AFL patch used by the Kansas City Chiefs is of excellent quality, positioned perfectly and well affixed. The Cincinnati Bengals logo is slightly lower quality, and does not match the high stitch count used in the real logo, but is still a very accurate approximation.

Tags are all good. Jenny Loop Jersey Review

All tags, logos and symbols were present and correct.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

The Nike Swooshes were also well positioned, well stitched and accurate looking.

Both jerseys featured Jock Tags and sewn down neck tags which were very good quality. The 3D size number on the Jock Tag was a little flatter than I would expect, but again, not so much that you would easily notice.

Both jerseys also included hanging sleeve tags, which featured NFL Holograms.

NFL Holograms. Jenny Loop Jersey Review

Both jerseys included NFL Holograms, though neither was a 100% perfect match.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.


Unfortunately, here Jenny Loop did leave a little to be desired. The sizes sent were marked as 40 (M) and 44 (L) however, the actual difference in size between the two was virtually non-existent, with only around  an inch difference in the chest measurement, and no difference in the length. The 40 was somewhat oversized, while the 44 would come up a touch snug.

As is often the case with these jerseys, if they fit a little loose, they don’t look too bad, and similarly, there is usually enough stretch for them to give a little as needed, if they are a little smaller than you would like. However, usually, these Chinese jerseys come up too small, and I was surprised that the size 40 was in fact coming up larger than expected.

Another thing to note is that the Bengals jersey had a very small neck opening.This was a mixed blessing.

Although it meant having to remove my glasses to try it on, and having very little give at all making it tough to get over my head, it did mean that the collar sat a lot better around my neck once on. The collars tend to be a little bit gaping on NFL jerseys, as they are meant to be worn with pads—even official jerseys suffer from this—meaning many fans are uncomfortable wearing them without another shirt underneath.

This jersey could easily be worn without, thanks to its snugger neck line, but of course, at the expense of difficulty getting the jerseys on and off.

Narrow Neck. Jenny Loop Jersey Review

The neck opening on the Bengals jersey was very narrow.
Copyright 2014 Hughes-Bunger Photography. All Rights Reserved.

As is often the case, it is best to order a little larger than needed, rather than going for something smaller, but in this case, as the size 40 was quite a bit  larger than expected, people needing smaller jerseys would be best advised to consider looking at the largest youth sizes as well.

That said, Jenny Loop are very helpful, and offer good customer support—feel free to send them an email and ask them to take some measurements of the particular before shipping, and compare them to the official NFL size chart.

Conclusion – Jenny Loop Jerseys Review

Overall, I was very impressed with Jenny Loop Jerseys. They were very well made jerseys, with a very accurate look and feel.

As is always the case, the die-hard fan would notice one or two areas where they are not 100% perfect, especially if placed side-by-side with an authentic Nike jersey. However, these slight imperfections are more than offset by the fantastic price of these replicas, as well as the great customer services offered by Jenny Loop.

As always, sizing can be an issue, but Jenny Loop are more than happy to provide help in ensuring you get the right product.

Based on the quality of the jerseys and my interaction with the staff, I have no hesitation recommending Jenny Loop Jerseys as an excellent source for NFL jerseys.

As with most wholesalers, they may source their products from multiple manufacturers, so it is always worth checking if the individual product reviews before ordering, however given the sheer number of positive reviews they have for most products, I see no reason to be concerned about ordering jerseys with no reviews either.

This is Part Two of a multi-part review. To see part one of our Jenny Loop Jerseys Review, including website review, please click here.
The following review is classified as Connection 1-HB according to our Disclosure of Material Connections. We have received review products free of charge, for the purposes of review. For more information about what this means, please Click Here.
7 comments on “Product Reviews—Jenny Loop Jerseys Review
  1. Thanks for your very excellent reviews! I am in the market for a Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly jersey. I ordered a Chinese Cam Newton jersey as a gift for a friend several years ago and was very disappointed with the color.

    The Panthers use a unique shade of blue; I believe the official name for the color is “Electric Blue,” but the blue on this particular jersey was light, almost a sky blue. Now, this would not be noticeable if I were in England, or frankly, in much of the U.S. as the Panthers are not really a popular team. BUT, I live in North Carolina and as you probably know (being an American sports fan) that pthat articular light blue is associated with a famous university here that was made internationally famous by a certain basketball player wearing #23! In fact, that light blue color is very recognizable by its given name, “Carolina Blue.”

    I fear that Asian manufacturers might assume both blues are the same. Since you noticed the difference in Bengal orange, can you recommend a retail site that pays close attention to specific team colors?

    Again, thanks for the information! I stumbled on your site tonight and love it!

    • Hi. Thanks for the kind words.

      I actually have a Cam Newton Carolina Panthers jersey on order at the moment. It should be in the UK within the next week or so, and I will be posting a review of it soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I have tried to choose teams like the Panthers and Eagles recently, as they both use custom colo(u)rs.

      Unfortunately, as is often the case with these suppliers, an individual wholesaler may use numerous different suppliers, and while one jersey may be near perfect, the next may be very far off.

      My honest suggestion is find what you are looking for from a seller on AliExpress, and then request a photograph of the actual item. Request that they take the picture with a white piece of paper next to it, which you can then use to white-balance the image.

      As I say, I will be posting reviews of a couple of sellers within the next few days. If you need any advice on how to white-balance an image so you can see how accurate the colour is, don’t hesitate to ask.

      Glad you enjoy the site. We’re small, but growing site, and knowing people like and appreciate what we do makes it all worth while.

    • Hi Charlie.

      Official Nike NFL Elite jerseys tend to come up smaller than their Reebok Equivalents, and are noticeably smaller than the Game and Limited versions.

      If you have a 42″ chest then a size 44 (L) is the size Nike recommend you are looking at. The 40 (M) is designed for a 37.5-41″ chest, the 44 (L) is cut for a 41-44″ chest. The Nike jerseys have a lot of stretch, so if you like a form fitting jersey, and you were buying a real Nike elite jersey, you might want to risk a 40, but honestly, I think the 44 is the way to go. The official size chart is available here:

      That said, that is for the official Nike Jerseys. Chinese copies tend to come out smaller still, and do not always have the same amount of stretch as the official ones, so I would definitely not suggest risking the 40 from a chinese supplier. It’s usually only a half an inch or less difference compared to the official ones, but this can make all the difference when you are looking at a jersey that is already designed to come up small.

      If the 44 does come up a little large, a hot wash will usually shrink it down enough—just be careful the colours don’t run. I recommend a hand wash, and make sure you use a colour catcher sheet, and some kind of oxi-action powder in there with it, so you don’t end up with off-white numbers/decals/decorative elements.


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