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GridironFans.co.uk is the home of American Football in the UK. We provide all of the American Football news and information you want, but with a distinctly British accent.

We mainly cover the NFL, but also cover CFL, College Football and occasionally even Arena Football or other upstart leagues, as well as British and European leagues.

Our focus is on news which is of particular interest to British fans, including British players in the leagues, UK games and franchises, UK television and streaming coverage, and other news which affects us fans here in the UK, but will also include more general news and information as well.

In addition to news and information, we also provide product reviews, buying guides, hints and tips, and other information to help UK fans follow their team from abroad, and show their support for the sport without breaking the bank.

Throughout 2014, we will be adding more features to the site, including community forums, videos and podcasts, so watch this space.

If you produce, sell or distribute NFL or other football merchandise, and would like your products or store to be reviewed, please email us for details.

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  1. Hi, first let me say: great site, good articles, you’ve helped me to enjoy (and understand) this season’s football where I’m a rookie.
    Any chance of an RSS feed for your news articles? It should be possible in WordPress.
    Cheers and GO PACKERS!

    • Hi.

      Thanks for the kind words. We’re definitely still a young site, and it’s great to know people are appreciating what we do.

      As for an RSS Feed, this is built in to WordPress by default. You can subscribe here http://gridironfans.co.uk/?feed=rss

      I will look at adding an RSS Subscription button somewhere though.

      Alternatively, you can follow us via wordpress, or networked blogs to be kept in the loop.

  2. Can you explain why the waiver rule for vested players of 4 years or more changes at the trade deadline? Why must players who are properly vested be relegated to waivers when prior they could.just become free agents?

    • Hi. Thanks for the comment.

      Some of this is explained in our article on a the trade deadline, it may be worth taking a look at.

      That said, in general, there are 2 reasons for this.

      The first is added protection for he players—if they make it past week 8, there is an added possibility they will get their salary for the rest of the season.

      It also limits teams from cutting expensive players and re-signing them to save money.

      The second main reason is to avoid “de-facto” trades, after the end of the season, where players agree to terms with a specific team and insist on being released in order to sign with that team.

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